A Writer’s Guide to Rocking Out

For all those who live the double life, a list:

1. Never apologize for rocking out.

2. Writers are jealous of other writers. Musicians are jealous of other musicians. But writer/musicians respect other writer/musicians.

3. Some people will say that you play too loud. Hand them earplugs and turn it up.

4. Ignore sage advice from professionals, to wit: only slavish dedication to a single discipline yields results.

5. Songs are stories. So much depends on how they are told.

6. If you have to ask why you do what you do, it’s over. But only for the day. You can start again tomorrow.

7. Sometimes you have to get the Led out to finish that revision.

8. You will not be understood by some people. That’s okay. You won’t understand them either.

9. Repeat after me: I live to write and to rock out. It doesn’t have to be a compromise.

10. Nowhere does it say that you have to write a rock novel.

In honor of J. Robert Lennon, and his 100 song/100 story pairing.

cf JRL at NYT Magazine

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