The big news around here is that I received a Minnesota State Arts Board grant for 2014. Shock and awe on the blog, I know. Among other things, this means I’ll be taking some time off work to hammer away at a manuscript of my own. I’ll also be putting together a reading featuring local emerging writers who are similarly neck deep in a long project. A sort of celebration of tunnel vision, you might say.

I’ll be assisted in my efforts by the good folk at the Loft literary center, who have these awesome writing studios I’ll be camped out at as much as I can manage. Here’s a pic of the incredible zero distraction spaces they have. Anatomy of the room: Chair, desk, lamp. Window that looks out on a brick wall. Separate reading chair. Doesn’t get better than that, I’m telling you. Wifi? Yep, but I don’t know the password, and I’m not about to ask. Which means they are essentially internet free. Distraction free spaces like this are hard to come by!


Expect periodic updates (i.e. detailed and excessive complaining) throughout the year, so watch this space.

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