SNC Tahoe Winter Residency


SNC (color) Tahoe-2
Yes, it really is this beautiful up at Tahoe.

I spent four days in early January up at SNC Tahoe with an amazing and generous group of writers, both faculty and students. Readings with Lacy Johnson, Lo Kwa-Mei En, and more. Open mic! Snowshoeing!

If you are looking for a writing community to call your own, consider checking out the low-residency MFA at SNC Tahoe (Sierra Nevada College). Not only do you get to work with award-wining writers—seriously, check out the faculty list, it’s amazing—you also have access to something no other MFA program has: editors.

All of the students work with editors (like me) in their final semester to complete their thesis and make sure they are headed toward a book, not just a pile of pages.

Plus: Did I mention they have snowshoeing? Those are my feet after I trekked around in the mountains with a group of intrepid writers.

Version 2

Never mind that I could hardly walk the next day. It was worth it for the view.



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