CMPLXS @ Kitty Cat Klub

illustrationComplexes is gearing up for a barn burner on Monday, November 24 at the Kitty Cat Klub.

Monday is technically still the weekend, so you should come.

Plus we’ve never played there before.

Plus you can hear all our new songs with appropriately epic titles.

Plus now all three of us sing.

Plus. Plus. Plus.

So now you can’t miss it.


A shot from backstage. The lights make my kit look a bit surreal, less tactile, less an object to be thwacked with a pair of sticks and more an idea of a thing, of a band about to take the stage. Still, a pic can’t convey the full immediate feeling of being there. Of playing on the same stage previously graced by bands I love. Of breathing dank air in the grimy basement green room, furnished with a pair of antediluvian couches whose every surface has been inscribed with band names in sharpie. The sound guy was tweaking the board just prior to the start of our set, and when I sat on the throne the lights hit me in the eyes and stage blindness set in. The only thing left was to tear through song after song with a manic energy that I can only hope was felt by those who braved the subzero temps to watch us play.