2017 Graywolf Fiction Preview

If you’re looking for something to read in the upcoming year, you’ll want to check out the fiction preview my colleague and I wrote up for the Graywolf Press blog.

Lots of wild and unpredictable books on there, including Fiona Maazel’s new novel A Little More Human, Carl Frode Tiller’s Encircling, Daisy Johnson’s debut collection, Fen, Jon Raymond’s novel Freebirdand that’s just in the first few months of the year.

Check out the fiction preview here.

SNC Tahoe Winter Residency


SNC (color) Tahoe-2
Yes, it really is this beautiful up at Tahoe.

I spent four days in early January up at SNC Tahoe with an amazing and generous group of writers, both faculty and students. Readings with Lacy Johnson, Lo Kwa-Mei En, and more. Open mic! Snowshoeing!

If you are looking for a writing community to call your own, consider checking out the low-residency MFA at SNC Tahoe (Sierra Nevada College). Not only do you get to work with award-wining writers—seriously, check out the faculty list, it’s amazing—you also have access to something no other MFA program has: editors.

All of the students work with editors (like me) in their final semester to complete their thesis and make sure they are headed toward a book, not just a pile of pages.

Plus: Did I mention they have snowshoeing? Those are my feet after I trekked around in the mountains with a group of intrepid writers.

Version 2

Never mind that I could hardly walk the next day. It was worth it for the view.



MN Pub Tweetup Spotlight

I’m a little late to post this here, but the good folks over at MN Publishing Tweetup have been featuring local writers and publishing people all November long, in honor of NaNoWriMo.

Stop by and check out this mini-interview with me, posted on day 20: http://pubmn.com/2014/11/20/day-20-nanowrimo-steve-woodward/

While you’re there, do check out some of the other fantastic profiles. It’s nice to be part of a lit community that spreads the love around!