SNC Tahoe Winter Residency


SNC (color) Tahoe-2
Yes, it really is this beautiful up at Tahoe.

I spent four days in early January up at SNC Tahoe with an amazing and generous group of writers, both faculty and students. Readings with Lacy Johnson, Lo Kwa-Mei En, and more. Open mic! Snowshoeing!

If you are looking for a writing community to call your own, consider checking out the low-residency MFA at SNC Tahoe (Sierra Nevada College). Not only do you get to work with award-wining writers—seriously, check out the faculty list, it’s amazing—you also have access to something no other MFA program has: editors.

All of the students work with editors (like me) in their final semester to complete their thesis and make sure they are headed toward a book, not just a pile of pages.

Plus: Did I mention they have snowshoeing? Those are my feet after I trekked around in the mountains with a group of intrepid writers.

Version 2

Never mind that I could hardly walk the next day. It was worth it for the view.



Sierra Nevada Residency in Ireland

IMG_2079 Late August saw me flying out to the west coast of Ireland en route to Doolin, a small town known as the home of Irish traditional music. I spent a week there with the students and faculty of the Sierra Nevada low residency Creative Writing MFA program. I’ve been working with some of Sierra Nevada’s fourth-semester students on their thesis manuscripts, and I came along to take part in the summer residency. I’m working with Sierra Nevada as part of a new initiative the program has to provide students the chance to work with editors, and I think it’s an amazing opportunity.

It was awesome spending time with everyone there. They are all so talented and dedicated to their work. Highlights include taking hikes up to the nearby Cliffs of Moher, a boat trip to the Aran Islands, the graduation at the University of Galway during race weekend (horses), and as many readings as you could ever wish for. If you’ve considered getting an MFA, but don’t want to quit your job or relocate to do so, Sierra Nevada is a great option. Check out the program page for more info here: